Advocacy & Issues

Joe Sanberg is a leader nationwide and in California on economic and social justice. In addition to founding Golden State Opportunity, and Working Hero to combat inequality, he is also a prominent fighter for:

As the son of a single mom who worked full time and still struggled to feed her family, Joe believes that the current minimum wage is the floor, not the ceiling. If the minimum wage rose at the same rate as productivity in America, it would be around $24 today. Our elected leaders haven’t fought for the working people of this country. Joe intends to. Read more about Joe’s position here, and watch him explain it here.

California’s tax system is upside down: its billionaires have gotten hundreds of billions of dollars richer this last year alone, but their tax bills likely won’t be a penny higher. Meanwhile, working Californians are trying to keep a roof over their heads. As a business leader, Joe understands the urgency around raising taxes on the ultra-wealthy to reduce outrageous levels of wealth disparity and level the playing field for working class Americans.

Joe understands that you are not truly free when you graduate college with hundreds of thousands of dollars in student debt. The outrageous burden of student loan debt cripples our economy and limits the potential of our workforce. Read more about Joe’s position here.

Joe sits on the board of advisors for Business Leaders for Health Care Transformation, and supports a single-payer health system that covers every American for free. He has long believed that tethering people’s health care to their employment status is a recipe for disaster, as we saw during the COVID-19 pandemic. Read more about Joe’s vision for health care here.

Joe believes that a laser-like focus on environmental protection is not just essential for saving the planet, but for growing our economy. A Green New Deal would create tens of millions of jobs, by requiring people to fill needs like installing solar panels, retrofitting buildings, building electric vehicles, and reforesting public lands. Most importantly, a Green New Deal is our single greatest opportunity to build a more just and equitable future — especially for frontline communities. Watch Joe explain here.